White Papers

The Fundamental’s for Supply Chain Proficiency

For any organization to prosper a certain degree of process in needed of which most important is a defined set of strategies and best practices. The old saying of “Plan your work and work your plan” is never more relevant than today as we have a plethora of data constantly available and it’s very easy to get sidetracked and lose focus.

Best practices when adopted can ensure that the origination works with a set of dynamic strategies, consider these 9 Supply Chain fundamental practices. Click here to read the white paper (PDF)

Digital Procurement of Business Professionals

There are many thoughtful, informative documents about digital procurement kicking around these days, but most of them have to do with procuring goods (tables, chairs, lamps, and so on) not people. This white paper focuses on digital procurement issues and solutions as they relate to procuring consulting professionals. Click here to read the white paper (PDF)


Procurement Development Programs

No matter how small the procurement department is, it makes a significant contribution to the company. Click here to read the presentation (PDF)